Payment Policy

Once the shopping is done and all the required items are added to the cart, you can check out by clicking on the “check out” option. On checking out there will be two options i.e. “Already registered” and “New Registration”. Already registered option is for those who have been shopping earlier from the website and their contact details are saved so they can be retrieved and used each time when a customer shops. New registration option is for those who are shopping for the very first time and they are required to provide all the contact details. Once any of these options is selected, then comes the “Payment method” option where there will be three choices for the buyer which are paying through Debit card, Credit card or PayPal account. After selecting any one of the three methods and providing the relevant details of card or PayPal account, the payment is processed and the amount is automatically transferred by system’s server to the owner’s PayPal account from where it can transferred by him to his personal bank account.

Happy Shopping and easy Payment!